People+Good was created on the belief that youth all over the world want to use their skills for good and build a better planet but lack the opportunities needed to make this happen. We wanted to change this and over the past few months have assembled a network of partners globally to make Bangalore (India) the testing ground for the most radical academic-work program in the world.

The program will gather the sharpest and most talented university students and young professionals on the planet and group them in multi-disciplinary teams so that they can tackle India’s greatest challenges.



90 University Students and Young Professionals will be selected from all over the world through a competitive application process to join this program for Social Good.


30 Social Enterprises, Nonprofits, Startups and Multi-National Corporations will host teams to work on moonshot challenges to propel them into the future.


Each Team will have a combination of Design, Technology, Business and Communication expertise and function independently within their Host Organizations  to solve their moonshot challenges.


The People+Good program doesn’t solely focus on an amazing work experience and has been conceived to accelerate participants both personally and professionally into future change makers.


We will be doing this in a variety of complementary ways such as Capacity Building Workshop, Day Trips, Cultural Excursions, Ecosystem Events, etc.


On May 1, all participants will be grouped into teams and matched with their host organizations and begin pre-trip preparations both from a logistics and work plan perspective. At the beginning and end of the program an orientation and debrief will happen for the cohort to reflect on their collective experiences. Thereafter, participants are encouraged to travel India and explore her wonders.


The People+Good Program Fee is $3500 per person.

This price includes Food and Accommodation for the entire duration of the program – 10 Weeks. Also, all added value experiences such as workshops, day trips, etc. are also covered.


Submit your application before March 31 to ensure that your decision reaches you on April 15.


After your application is accepted we match you with your team and host organization by May 1 so that you can begin pre-travel preparations.


The People+Good Program kicks off on June 1 and all participants are expected to be in Bangalore by that time.


The Program formally closes 10 weeks later on July 15 but we encourage all participants to spend the last 2 weeks traveling India and all its wonders.



We strongly believe that money should never disqualify individuals from opportunities that help realize their potential or defy their reality.


It is in this spirit that we started the Fellowships initiative to fully cover the People+Good Program Fee for applicants who could not afford to pay for it. At this point in time we have 12 Fellowships available and we are working with additional sponsors to increase this number.




more partners coming soon


This a fantastic opportunity to work with people from varied cultures and backgrounds. Bangalore is one city in India where you see creativity and energy overflowing from all corners. Every student should definitely go for it and not only discover the country but themselves. PS – Don’t forget to check out the breweries that the city has to offer.

Aditi Mishra, Student @ Columbia University

I think we are brought up with a “Can’t Be Done” attitude and any spark to improve and making a difference is scotched. This is an amazing initiative bringing together those who still have that spark with those who see their potential and have the power to enable them to make a change!

Future change makers need the fire inside of them ignited, to bravely pursue their dreams. People+Good provides just the right type of flame to accelerate the innovators to the next level.

You always have this moonshot project that you want to build but the restricted resources don’t make it happen. A team of young, talented and enthusiastic people is all you need. We are excited by the program and are looking forward to host the Team in India.


Applications are now closed.

We are currently processing all applications and will get back to you shortly regarding the status of your application.

For any questions of comments, you can always get in touch with us on contact@egomonk.com


+91 7676 755 667




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